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Communication and Leadership Expert

Ron Crossland's specialty is designing and delivering custom leadership development experiences which accelerate the communication abilities of high potential managers. He also provides "beyond platform skills" communication courses for sales leaders and other managers.

  • Fee Range: $7501 - $15,000
  • Travels From: Ohio
  • Topics: Communication, Corporate Culture, Leadership, Organizational Development

Speaker Bio

Ron has worked with talent from the boiler room to the boardroom, a range of experience that has taught him that regardless of position, individuals' work matters. He has helped individuals, teams, and organizations develop better leaders, create more innovation, forge better internal and external relationships, and inspire greater performance. 

Since 1985 he has been an educational consultant for a number of mid-sized and large organizations such as Autodesk, AT&T, ConocoPhillips, Convergys, Deloitte, Group Health, Intel, LensCrafters, Microsoft, Motorola, New York Life, Nike, Nortel, St. Jude Medical, and Symantec.

He has held sales and sales management positions for NCR and AT&T. He has co-founded International Leadership Associates, been a partner in the Center for Corporate Learning, served as President and Vice-Chair of Tom Peters Company, and was a founding partner and Chairman of Bluepoint Leadership Development. Since January 2009, Ron has been working through his own company, Ron Crossland Leadership Development.

He is a writer, an intuitionist, a factoid junkie, and a research synthesizer. He leads leadership communication workshops and is a keynote speaker for company meetings, industry association events, and other venues. Ron received his BS in Electronic Engineering Technology (1975) and his MBA (1977) from Oklahoma State University. He lives with his wife and two sons in Cincinnati, Ohio.

 The Leader's Voice: Second Edition
"The Leader's Voice is a wonderful title for this wonderful book. Ron's update is masterful, and I'm proud to call him my friend from whom I've learned so much."
Tom Peters, In Search of Excellence

"In this compelling and clever read, Crossland strips leadership down to the essentials, and offers us pragmatic insight and instruction on how to find and effectively use our leadership voice."
Anne Tobias, Director, Global Talent Management, Deloitte

The Leadership Experience
"This book has shifted my thinking on leadership development and will be required reading for my staff."
Jim Sutton, Director of Global Leadership, Nike

"The Leadership Experience is a splendidly written account of the challenges that leaders face in their two vital arenas of action - the organizational and the personal. I unhesitatingly recommend it to all leaders at all levels. Crossland and Thompson make good on their promise to take you from ‘individual success to organizational significance.'"
James M. Kouzes, co-author The Leadership Challenge. 


The Leader's Voice:

"The leader speaks. Followers applaud on command. There is an illusion that communication took place, but it didn't. Unfortunately, this communication failure breeds additional communication static. Over time, leaders resort to commands rather than communication. This leads to breaking talent, not starting it. The Leader's Voice is the language of your associates and your constituents. They listen in facts, emotions and symbols."

Through engaging stories and detailed research stretching over more than 10 years, Ron Crossland reveals that effective leaders communicate in three channels: Facts, Emotions, Symbols.

While every leader, every human being, communicates in these three channels, most have an over-reliance on just one. It's the MBA religiously devoted to the facts of business or the creative vice president speaking with pure emotion. With the brain hard-wired to listen and think in facts, emotions and symbols, there is often a disconnect. In fact, what often happens in leadership communication is what the authors call "The Four Fatal Assumptions". Leaders speak and then assume that their constituents: 

  • Understand
  • Agree
  • Care
  • Act Accordingly

Business leaders who often speak on just the factual channel and then don't understand why their messages didn't resonate must understand that constituents will always put the message through their own emotional and symbolic filters. By focusing on the principles of communication, leaders can conquer the four fatal assumptions by inspiring their constituents to align and unite toward a professional vision. Speaking in The Leader's Voice will help companies achieve greater results, including:

  • Better alignment around key strategic initiatives
  • Improved productivity spurred by higher levels of trust among employees;
  • Greater leadership credibility;
  • Higher morale;
  • Increased efficiency through crystal clear clarity
  • Better communication among all employees


Communicate Meaning

Combining modern communication research, coaching, and video feedback of real time communication, participants develop greater skill at communicating meaning through words and deeds. The communication material is custom-crafted to enhance and extend your company's current leadership competency model.


The Leader's Voice

The Leadership Experience

Leading Innovation

These three courses are based upon research Ron has completed over the years. The first two are workshops based upon books he has co-authored. All three are currently available through Bluepoint Leadership Development. This course explores personal values in the context of corporate values. It provides a methodology for evaluating, resolving, and communicating decisions based upon critical value dilemmas. For mid- to senior-level leaders.

Executive Presence

Offered in conjunction with TAI, a New York City based consulting group with roots in the performing arts, this is a high-powered, intensive workshop for mid- to senior-level managers.


Values-Based Leadership

This course explores personal values in the context of corporate values. It provides a methodology for evaluating, resolving, and communicating decisions based upon critical value dilemmas. For mid- to senior-level leaders.


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